Water Heater Repair in Hudson Valley, NY

Your water heater works hard to give you adequate hot water for showering, cleaning dishes, washing clothes, and other needs. When it breaks down, you’ll want to schedule water heater repairs as soon as possible to avoid the frustration and inconvenience of not having hot water in your home. In the Hudson Valley, NY, your best choice for water heater repair and other HVAC services is Kulk’s Plumbing and Heating Inc. We’re a licensed and insured water heater repair service that puts quality workmanship first. We also offer some of the best prices around. And, because we have emergency water heater repair services available, you can contact us for immediate assistance.

kulks-detail-water-heaterWhat are common problems requiring professional water heater repair?

Faulty gas pilots
Burned-out thermostats
Broken heating elements
Degraded anode rods
Damaged pressure release valves

Kulk’s Plumbing and Heating has been in the water heater repair service industry since 2004, and in that time, we’ve seen just about every issue a water heater can experience. We’re familiar with a wide array of brands and models, and we provide both traditional and tank-less water heater repair solutions. We’ll perform water heater repairs that are tailored to your unit’s specifications and needs, so you can look forward to fast and reliable results.

Do you need to replace a water heater that is broken beyond repair or are you interested in water heater installation in your new home?

Our water heater installers have the knowledge and skill to get your new unit set up properly, so you can look forward to hot water when you need it right away and for years to come. When it comes to water heater replacement and installation, trust our pros, who have what it takes to get the job done right.

We’re pleased to offer some of the lowest prices you’ll find among water heater installers and repair technicians in Dutchess County. Whether you contact us for electric water heater repair or for water heater replacement, we’ll charge you a rate that’s fair and reasonable. Plus, because we stand behind our traditional and tank-less water heater repair and installation services with a variety of warranties, you can breathe easy knowing you’re in good hands.

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