Hudson Valley Furnace Repair

Do you need furnace repairs for a unit that isn’t doing the job of keeping your home warm?

No matter how serious your furnace problems seem, Kulk’s Plumbing and Heating Inc. is up to the task of resolving them. We’re pleased to provide gas furnace repair, oil furnace repair, and electric furnace repair. Our workmanship is top notch and our rates are among the lowest you’ll find for furnace repair service in the Hudson Valley NY. Not only do we offer scheduled appointments, we’re pleased to provide emergency furnace repair for those cases where you absolutely can’t wait to get a specialist out to your home.

We’re able to provide furnace repairs for units that are:

Not producing enough heat
Cycling too frequently
Making unusual noises
Failing to circulate air
Not turning on
Having pilot light or ignition issues
Or experiencing any other performance problems

When it comes to gas furnace repair and more, you can trust our team for exceptional results. We’re fully licensed and insured for furnace repair service, and we have more than a decade of experience in the industry. Beyond those qualifications, we stand behind our gas, electric, and oil furnace repair with a variety of warranty options, depending on the job.

Are you interested in a furnace replacement?

If your existing unit is broken beyond repair, outdated, or simply not energy efficient enough for your needs we’re here to help. We offer gas, electric, and oil furnace replacement, as well as oil-to-gas conversions, and we can help you select the model that’s right for your home. We’ll set everything up properly so you can look forward to a warm and safe space going forward. And, because we offer some of the best prices for HVAC services in the Hudson Valley, you can count on the cost to replace a furnace being reasonable and honest.

Do you need a new furnace installation?

In addition to replacing old furnaces, we’re able to install a completely new furnace in your space. Our furnace installation experts will put our experience and knowledge to work to ensure that the job gets done right the first time. Enjoy warmth and comfort in your home with high-caliber workmanship by our skilled help.

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